Terms and Conditions

Baby Supplies, Bike, Water Sport & Beach Equipment Rentals
User Agreement and Waiver Form

In connection with the rental if bicycle (s) , kayak (s) beach supplies , baby supplies or other equipment from FunandMoreRentals.com , the renter understands, acknowledges and agrees that the use of the bicycle (s) or other equipment by him/herself or any other person, including specifically any minor child. Authorized by him/her to use such bicycle (s) or other equipment, constitutes an acceptance of the following;

  1. That there is a risk of accident and/or injury in the operation and or use of any bicycle or any other rental equipment from FunandMoreRentals.com

  2. That all rental equipment will be inspected before use by guest or guest’s representative. If any equipment is unsatisfactory – please advise FunandMorerentals.com at 941-462-2719. DO NOT USE BROKEN OR FAULTY EQUIPMENT.

  3. That the bicycle(s) and other equipment are not equipped of use after dark, the renter assumes all risk if he operates the bicycle(s) after dark.

  4. That all rental equipment must be operated and/or used in accordance with applicable municipal laws and the laws of the State of Florida

  5. That the bicycles or other equipment be returned in as good condition as received, normal wear and tear excepted, and that the renter agrees assume all responsibilities for misplaced, unlocked, lost and/or stolen equipment.

  6. That the renter hereby releases, waives, discharges, holds harmless FunandMorerentals.com and/or its employees for any other damages and/or injuries sustained in connection with the operation, use, misuse, of the rental bicycles or other equipment. FunandMoreRentals.com will not be held liable or responsible for injuries as a result of use, misuse or lack of proper supervision and does not warrant or guarantee the fitness of the equipment for intended use. Failure to supervise can result in injury.

Please do not ride the bicycles in salt water!