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Anna Maria Island, Longboat & Siesta Key

kayaks rentals on anna maria island, longboat key and siesta key.

Kayak Rentals
Boogie Boards, Skim Boards & more...

Anna Maria Island Water Sport Rentals

Kayaks, Boogie Boards, Skim Boards for Rent.
Snorkel Kits, Fishing Rods and Gear.

Single and Double Kayaks, Boogie Boards, Paddle Boards, Skim Board and Snorkel rentals for vacationers visiting Anna Maria Island. We even have Fishing Rods and Gear for rent.

Fun and More Watersport Rentals also serves Longboat Key and Siesta Key.

paddle board rentals on anna maria island, longboat key and siesta key.

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Single Kayak:
Single Kayak Rentals

As you probably already know, you are vacationing on a spot that is famous for warm water, white sand and beautiful sunsets. Why not make the best of your vacation spot by spending the day in a Single or Double Kayak and heading out to enjoy the water, sand and sunset... Gulf Island Style.

Whether you are staying on Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Siesta Key or surrounding area - we would be happy to deliver your Kayak to you along with the padals. We'll even be happy to meet you at the beach.

Want to give Kayaking a try?

These Kayak's are perfect for use while vacationing near water. We offer everything for a great day on the water. Our top quality rentals are available all year round' for full day rentals or for a full week of fun on the water.

We also rent Life Jackets for extra safety on the water.

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Double Kayak
Double Kayak Rentals

Want to give Kayaking a try?

These Double Kayak's are perfect for use while vacationing around water!

We offer everything for a great day on the water.

Our top quality rentals are available all year round' for full day rentals or for a full week of fun on the water!


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Paddle Board

Paddle Board Rentals Weekly Rental

No Wind?
No Worries!!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (otherwise know as SUP, Beach Boy Surfing) combines standing on a large surfboard and propelling yourself with a canoe type paddle. The sport was once practiced by the beach boys of Waikiki, with roots even further back to ancient Hawaiians.  

Recently cross over water sport enthusiast around the world are picking up on the resurgence of this sport as an alternative sport to surfing, kite boarding and windsurfing..  It is hardly uncommon to see surfers paddling into waves with carbon paddles at most surf beaches or people just gliding gently across the water for a downwinder

The boards are extra wide and long for stability. The wider boards, 30” wide and 12’6 long, are super stable. Very easy sport for all ages and genders. Get out relax and paddle thru the surf or in the calm Bay waters and enjoy and discover the wildlife and vegetation.

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Pool Mat

Pool Mat

A perfect vacation is one that is filled with fun and relaxation. Rent one of our floats today and start enjoying the sun and surf the moment you arrive.

With its built in headrest, these floats are perfect for relaxing in the pool, bobbing around in the ocean or laying on the beach.
This float provides the greatest thickness and a sculpted surface that soothes and contours to the body for utlimate relaxation.


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Eco Tours
Eco Tours

Eco-tours on Anna Maria Island
Call 941-527-6355


Boogie Board
Boogie Board Rentals

Surfs up!!!

We have awesome full sized Beach Boards perfect for a day at the beach with you and your family.

Designed with the latest technology: Light Weight, High Density Core Coupled.

Unique shape allows for a combination of speed and maneuverability!


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Skim Board

Skim Board Rentals

Depending on which side of the Island you are staying, the winds might not be big enough for surfing. Thank goodness they invented the Skim Board.

How do you do it? Run down the sand until you have reached the shore, and hop on like a skateboard - off you go! You may have a hard time at first, but once you get the hang of it we’re sure you’ll be spending the rest of your Florida Vacation mastering tricks and showing your friends.
Combining modern surfboard technology with skimboard theories.

RESULT: A skimboard that more closely resembles a surfboard. Thicker, narrower, with more rocker, this design is loose and responsive.

  • Contoured shape for increased maneuverability
  • Suggested weight limit is 160lbs


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Snorkel Package

Snorkel Rentals Package

What better way to enjoy the unique waters of Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Longboat Key and Surrounding area than under the sea?
Pull on your fins, mask and snorkel and dive into the warm waters - who knows what you might find!
This Snorkeling Package includes everything you need:
  • Snorkel
  • Mask
  • Fins
And remember - we deliver it right to your Florida Rental before you arrive - so you can start having fun the minute you get here.
Bringing lots to the beach? Why not pack it there with one of our beach wagons - they can hold up to 8 beach chairs, an umbrella and more!



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Fishing Rods:
Fishing Rod (no gear)

There's no better Island to fish on! Enjoy a day on the beach or pier with cold drinks and nothing but fishing!
We have rods for people of all ages



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Ready for some fun and adventure? It's a good idea to be comfortable and fashionable in your swimwear while out around Anna Maria. Swimwear for me Delta Burke swimwear has a great selection of stylish swimwear.